Freya    18
Organic rolled oats baked in organic coconut oil, honey and celtic salt topped with kefir, fruits and bee pollen. [GF]


Shaman    20

Ground acai berry is mixed with fresh coconut milk, peruvian maca powder and topped with fresh berries.


Farmstead Platter      26.50
Ancient sourdough, fresh eggs, selection of raw milk cheese, Tartarian Ferments, Kaiserfleisch, Epic hashbrown, Khmer Tonic.


Ancient Sourdough    12

Made with no more than regenerative wheat flour, ancient yeast and salt with your choice of boosts.




Wallace    25

Nose to tail regenerative beef patty, topped with raw milk cheese, wild rocket, fermented tomato and MCT-oil mayo inside an ancient sourdough bun.


Bird of Prey    22

Pastured chicken, melted raw milk cheese, rocket, marinated capscicum and diced red onion topped with Tartarian Gherkins and Ligurian Spirit Basil Pesto between an ancient sourdough bun.


Hwarung   19.40

Ground masa flour taco filled with nose-to-tail regenerative beef smash, drizzled in bulgogi sauce, melted raw milk cheese, lettuce and Tartarian Kim Chi.


Mayan    19.40

Ground masa flour taco filled with nose-to-tail beef smash and rocket topped with raw milk cheese, Blood of Rome and Khmer Tonic.


Biomaxx Bowl   20

Anabolic bowl of nose-to-tail smash, pro-metabolic condiments from the ancient world topped with a fresh egg adorn white rice cooked in master stock and drizzled with MCT oil and a pinch of celtic salt.


Sol Bowl   18

The regenerative power of plants. Lacto-Fermented vegetables, avocado, rocket and nori adorn white rice and drizzled with MCT oil and a pinch of celtic salt.


Poseidon's Catch   18

Wild caught fish, coated in ground masa flour and fried in tallow paired with golden tallow-fried chips.





Octavian   25

Regeneratively grown rocket coated in pro-metabolic MCT oil, celtic salt and lots of raw milk parmesan cheese.


Re-Peat   25

Raw carrot, grated lengthways and coated in pro-metabolic MCT-oil, celtic salt with a squeeze of fresh lemon.





Tallow Fries   8
Thin cut and fried in regeneratively farmed beef tallow till golden brown, let to rest and coated in celtic salt.


Broth    15
Nourishing master stock of beef bones, herbs and spices pour over a cup of rice, regenerative beef.


Raw Milk Cheese Platter   22
Enzyme-rich raw milk cheeses alongside pickles and ancient sourdough bread.


Buttered Dates   4.20 each
Dates filled with nourishing, pastured butter and celtic salt


Temüjin’s   15
Cured beef, rolled in anti-inflammatory spices


Anabolic Spread   15
Beef liver patè spread on ancient sourdough


Broth-to-go   12
Nourishing broth to go


Seito Set   12
Nose-to-tail regenerative beef patty, topped with raw milk cheese between an ancient sourdough bun served with a side of tallowed fries and choice of a drink (soda, juice or water)


Power Bites   12
Pastured chicken bites rolled in ground masa flour and tallow-fried until golden brown. Served with tallow-fries and choice of a drink (soda, juice or water)





Pastured poached egg   3

Pastured Kaiserfleisch   5

Epic Hashbrown   4.20

Pastured Pork Sausage   5

Smashed Avocado   3

Raw milk cheddar   6

Monastery Preserves Fruit Jams   6

Anabolic Spread   6

Pat of butter   2.50





Sundae   10

Sour Cherry Jelly topped with Hyperborean Creamery Ice Cream topped with Monastery Preserves strawberry jam and hot dark chocolate sauce


Affogato   8
Hyperborean Creamery vanilla ice cream topped with Market Lane double espresso


Fruit Jelly   8
Grapefruit, Orange or Lemon



Cafe Menu


Tart (Chocolate)   8

Tart (Blueberries)   8

Tart Strawberries   8

Friand   8

Carrot Cake   8

Apple Yoghurt Cake   8

Brownie   8

Pain Au Chocolat   8



Drinks Menu


Sugar cane soda   6

Jelly Soda   6

Elixir (Kefir Smoothie)   8

Mineral Water   5

Herbal Tea Range   5

Espresso   6

Americano + Heavy Cream   9

Latte   6

Cappuccino   6

Iced Latte   6

Hot Organic Cacao   6

Iced Organic Cacao   6

Tea Set 1 - Beauty + Jelly   24

Tea Set 2 - Immunity + Jelly   24

Tea Set - Selection   24

Elixir de Lune Bircher [V] [GF] 18
Organic oats soaked in house-made kefir, Chai spiced baked pear, pistachio, flaxseeds

Freya’s Fruit Bowl [VG] [GF] 19
Black berry, coconut yoghurt, house-made granola, seasonal fruit

The Elite (Breakfast Burger) 16
Fried egg, bacon, potato hash, spinach, avocado, blood of Rome, white bun

Gateway Harvest Bowl [V] [GF] 20
Warm quinoa & wild rice, poached egg, roasted sweet potato, goat’s cheese, shredded kale, avocado, currants, toasted almonds, sherry vinaigrette

Maxximus Benedict [GFO] 24
Char-grilled Kaiserfleisch bacon, English muffin, poached eggs, apple slaw, tarragon hollandaise

Epic Salmon [GF] 24.50
Smoked salmon, feta rösti, poached eggs, crushed avocado, roquette, toasted seeds, sumac

Khmer Tonic Avocado [V] [GFO] 22.50
Crushed avocado, poached egg, sourdough, fermented chilli sauce, cherry tomato, feta, dukkah

Toast w Jams & Spreads [V] [GFO] 9
Two pieces of Sourdough or multigrain, cultured butter and your choice of Monastery jam, vegemite or peanut butter

Fruit Toast [V] 10
Two pieces of vine fruit bread served with cultured butter

Ploughman’s Breakfast Board [GFO] 26.50
Two farm eggs, sourdough, bacon, Pork maple sausage, herby tomato, thyme mushroom, avocado, feta rösti, tomato relish
V : Replace bacon and sausage to haloumi and spinach


Eggs on Toast [V] [GFO] 14
Two farm eggs (poached, scrambled, fried) on buttered sourdough

Pick a side
Tomato relish/ Hollandaise/ extra egg 3
Wilted spinach/ herby tomato/ thyme mushroom 4
Grilled halloumi/ Pork maple sausage/ bacon/ smoked salmon/ crushed avocado/
feta rösti 5


Hwarang (Bulgogi Taco 3 pcs) [GF] 22
Marinated beef, lettuce, Tartarian fermented Kimchi, pine nuts, spring onion, cheese, mayo


Bird of Prey Burger [GF] 24
Grilled Chicken adobo, Cheese, Red onion, Capsicum, house made pesto, white bun with chips


Organic Cauliflower Salad Bowl [VG] 22
Roasted spiced cauliflower, mixed greens, mung beans, cherry tomato, green beans, candied beetroot, pomegranate, toasted almonds, tahini dressing


Roquette & Parmesan salad 9
with sherry vinaigrette


Chips 9
With Aioli


For little Ones
Egg & bacon on Toast 10
Avo on toast 10
Fish & chips 14


cappuccino, flat white, latte, piccolo, magic, long macchiato, short macchiato

double ristretto, double shot, long black

Wet Chai (Honey spice by Love tea) 6

hot chocolate 50% cacao(Premium by Mofo Deluxe)

english breakfast, earl grey, lemongrass & ginger
pepemint, sencha green tea & more! ask staff

Iced coffee served with cream and ice-cream 7.50
latte,long black,chai, chocolate 6.50

soy, almond, oat, lactose free
vanila,white chocolate,caramel

GF (Gluten Free) • VG (Vegan) • V (Vegetarian) • DF (Dairy Free)

We endeavor to accommodate but cannot guarantee allergy-free meals due to trace allergens in the working environment and supplied ingredients.

Full menu available from 11am.

This menu is subject to change depending on the availablity of produce.

10% surcharge applies on Weekends and Public Holidays.