Life Force

Life requires adequate inputs to maintain the systems necessary to stay alive.  

Our bodies are made up of complex systems that work together to ensure you thrive.

To maintain a high-level of life force, it is necessary to intake an adequate amount of each kind of molecule to support rejuvenation, repair and efficient function at a cellular level for each of these systems.



Gateway crafts its products to maximise their regenerative properties and provide you with an easy and entertaining way of ensuring your daily intake is kept up to maximise your Life Force so you can lead a more vital life.

How do we calculate the Life Force Score?  

Foods get points for life enhancing ingredients, such as – yes – oxygen and carbon dioxide, water content, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, prebiotic fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  

Foods lose points for sabotaging ingredients, such as plant defense chemicals which act as anti-nutrients, or ingredients that are not easily digestible.  

Points are then combined and adjusted by weight to give rise to the 5 components of the Life Force:

  1. Digestibility: Ability to breakdown for rapid nutrient absorption.

  1. Enhance Microbiome: Ability to favor good bacteria in the gut to better release nutrients

  1. Regenerative Power: Assistive capacity for the body to regenerate itself

  1. Glycolytic Metabolism: Sugar for quick energy bursts

  1. Ketogenic Metabolism: Fat-fueled endurance mode

We also take into account the swapping of traditional ingredients with substitutes known to “biohack” your metabolism as well as any antinutrients known to tamper with the score of each product.


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